There are a lot of ways to help! To get started, jump in the issues and attempt to fix something, or respond to people who have questions.
You are also encouraged to create additional projects to compliment or compete with Aven Cloud components.
Contributors are invited to read and take part in the philosophies described in the About page
Feel free to use the GitHub issues as a discussion board for any aspect of the project. We may close inactive and unproductive discussions.
Filing Bugs
The best way to submit a bug issue is to write a failing test that demonstrates what behavior you expect to see. This will help clairify what you "expect()", and will be useful for us to debug the problem and prevent future regressions.
Getting Started - Run Docs
git clone Aven
cd Aven
yarn start aven-io
Getting Started - Run Todo app
First, start the web version
git clone Aven
cd Aven
yarn start todo-web
Simultaneously, start up the react native app..
yarn start todo-native