What is the Mission?

Aven's mission is to make it dramatically easier to build custom apps on the web and your phone.

When more people are able to build custom applications for their businesses and for their life, we are more free from opression and large companies. Hopefully we can help level the playing field for those who have been excluded from tech, including Black and Latinx communities, and marginalized genders.

With big tech companies in control, our private data gets sold, services get shut down, we get trapped on platforms, we get censored and extorted. Somebody needs to fight for our right to use technology to improve our lives, rather than letting the technology use us.

What is the Unique Solution?

Most web development tools suffer from a lack of cohesion. They handle one thing well- but there are very few complete systems that are easy to set up. Aven Cloud is a complete system for building web apps. By encapsulating several popular development tools, it will enable you create and deploy your application in half the time.

Simlarly, there is a lot of education available for any given software topic, but there are few educators who provide a complete story for developing, deploying, and maintaining apps using open technology. This education site aims to double the onboarding speed for new developers by focusing on the breadth of issues that an average site faces, on one technology stack.

If we multiply the effects of simplifying the software 2x, and improving the education 2x, Aven will make it 75% easier to build for the web.

What is the Product?

Aven Cloud is a suite of open technologies for building and deploying web apps.

This site, Aven Sky, is an education portal that attempts to publicly document the internals of itself.

For details on how the products work, see the Aven Stack.

Catch a glimpse of the design for the upcoming cloud manager product.

Who is Aven for?

Aven is currently focused on serving creators who are familiar with TypeScript and React. Eventually, non-technical people will be supported as well.

How is it Happening?

Aven is a startup experiment founded by Eric Vicenti. The business plan and roadmap are entirely open for critique.

You are invited to join the Aven community, as long as you respect our Code of Conduct.