Eric is an entrepreneur and software engineer with 10+ years of experience building web and mobile apps.

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Aven started as a side hustle while working at Facebook, in an effort to contribute more to the open source community.

Incorporated in 2018 as a potential vehicle to provide better tools and training for software engineers, it currently provides mobile and web solutions to smaller companies. Recent clients are in the food industry, robotics, and medical devices.

This site (aka Aven Sky) is the flagship open source education tool, serving to demonstrate how web and mobile apps can be built.

React Native

Eric was part of the React Native team during the open-sourcing process of React Native in 2014 and 2015.

As a React Native expert inside Facebook, he went on to contribute to several projects, including Ads Manager and FB Groups, the first two RN apps ever in production.

React Native has been wildly successful for the same reasons that attracted Eric to the team in the first place. By using open source technology that web developers are familiar with, mobile app development on both platforms becomes wildly more accessible.

React Navigation

As part of the launch of React Native, Eric open-sourced an early navigation solution that FB was using inside of the Ads Manager app.

Eric partnered with the Expo team on a new navigation solution, who maintained the most popular competing library. Eric built the initial version of React Navigation with the help of Adam Miskiewicz from Expo.

After years of maintenance and improvement, React Navigation is immensely popular. Based on npm metrics, it is used by approximately 74% of React Native users, and has been downloaded over 300k times in the past week.


Created out of a need to simplify the documentation websites of a wide variety of open source projects, Eric managed the the initial development and launch of Docusaurus.

Initially built by Eric's intern Frank Li, Docusaurus found strong ownership in the open source community, and continues to thrive.

Resume Highlights

Aven - Founder (2018-present)

This is Eric's project to make software development dramatically more approachable by simultaneously improving the education and tooling.

Ono Food Co. - Senior Software Engineer (2018-2020)

Eric led the software engineering for Ono Blends, a fully automated food truck that produced smoothies. Worked with the founders to design and build the consumer experience, and hired contractors to assist on the vast engineering scope.

The customer experience starts on a custom iPad app built with React Native that takes the order and credit card payment. The order is handled by a local server on the truck that integrates with the automation system to handle specific tasks safely. The browser-based status screen shows the ingredeints as they are added to the smoothie, and shows the name on the pickup bay when ready. The team could update the menu with a web service that also managed the web site, payments, and analytics.

Facebook - Software Engineer (2014-2018)

On the React Native team Eric helped open source the project, and led the development of early Navigation APIs. Eventually

As a part of the Open Source team, Eric worked on React Native licensing issues, worked on the maintenance of the React Native repository and community, and led the prototype and launch of Docusaurus.

TrapIt - Software Engineer (2012-2014)

Designed, implemented, and maintained web apps using JS, HTML5, and LESS. Built a framework which allows modular views and models shared between the browser and node.js on the server. Built custom tools for automated building and deploying.

Tagleo.com - Lead Developer (2011-2012)

Prototyped a document security SaaS. Python and PostgreSQL backend, custom JS/CSS/HTML design. Included watermarking, client security features, and a recurring billing integration.

Various - Web Developer (2009-2011)

Eric worked as a contractor for designers such as Studio66 and AshaGraphix. Built a number of sites using wordpress, php, and static HTML/CSS/JS.

Of note is Eric's 2011 work on [thegiftofeducation.com], a php Zend site which accepted payments through authorize.net


Mentor - StreetCode Academy (2017-2018)

Co-led the free React Native course in Menlo Park, in an effort to boost the diversity of the software industry.

Mentor - Palo Alto High School Robotics (2011-2012)

As a former captain of this team, Eric returned to help the students design and build a competing robot in a short 6-week build period.

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