We're just getting started, so now is the best time to get involved and help shape the future of Aven!


If you want to chat or ask ask any questions, see the community page.


We have a long way to go on our two projects: Aven Sky and Aven Cloud. All our code and content is on GitHub, so you're welcome to look behind the scenes.

Feel free to send pull requests for minor edits and improvements. If you want to develop new pages or new features, please coordinate with me over discord or email.

Your contributions to the code are copyrighted to you, and licensed to the community under Apache2.0.

If you contribute to the site content (mdx files), I ask that you assign copyright to Aven LLC, who then grants it to the community via Creative Commons. This ensures that Aven has the exclusive right to monetize the content, but the community is free to modify and re-publish it with attribution.


Coming soon, you'll be able to financially contribute to the sustainaibility of this project.

Insiders will access the entire content library, and have the privilege of voting on the future of Aven.


There are a handful of tasks which I need help with.

Right now the budget is very small, but I'm willing to pay for some gig work on the following:

  • Video Editing
  • Closed Captions / Video Transcribing
  • Vector Illustrations

If you're interested in helping, please send your rates and a quick introduction to [email protected].

Certain types of sponsorship may be accepted on this site, although we will avoid partnerships that conflict.

For example, we currently reccomend the Postgres database, so we will not partner with a proprietary database provider because such an endorsement would confuse our audience.

The best sponsors would be:

  • Infrastructure Providers (eg. DigitalOcean, Linode, Stripe)
  • Hardware Sales (eg. Valve, Antsle)
  • Complementary Open Source Software (eg. GitLab, Expo)

If you're a good fit, get in touch at [email protected].


Aven is not seeking traditional VC investment because we would implode if we did not grow fast enough. We have a tradgetory of incredible growth, but it may take 10 or 20 years.

We may consider a modest seed investment if we find an investor who shares the vision of building a sustainable open source company.


This mission is too large for one founder. If you want to join the founding team, start by contributing and participating in the community!

If you provide value and we work well together, I'm excited to invite passionate contributors on as co-founders.

Aven's best chance of success is to have a diverse founding team. If you come from a community that has been under-represented in tech, don't be shy, because we are excited to work with you.

Co-founders will be compensated in equity until we have sufficient income to pay ourselves, hopefully soon. Eventually we will generate enough revenue for salary.

© Aven LLC. Open Source under Apache 2.0