Intro to React Native

In this course, we will build an iOS and Android app called "Violet", which provides local and up-to-date reporting on air quality.

You will be introduced to the core development environment of Expo, including React and React Native. You will learn how to install components from NPM, including React Navigation, UI Kitten, and React Native Maps.

Soon you'll be able to build apps for your phone, from any computer. Better yet- you will be ready to build for both mobile platforms, desktops, and the web!

What you need

The course assumes you are comfortable with JavaScript. If you're new to JS, you can enjoy this content but it may be harder to follow.

You will need a Windows, Linux, or macOS computer.

Day 1

Chapter 1: React Native Setup

Chapter 2: React Native Components

Chapter 3: React Hooks

Chapter 4: UI Library

Chapter 5: Navigation

Day 2

Chapter 6: API Fetching

Chapter 7: Data Stores

Chapter 8: Local Storage

Chapter 9: React Native Maps

Chapter 10: App Distribution

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