What are we committing to?

Game Plan 2020

Eric plans to work on Aven roughly full-time through 2020.

The plan is to follow through with phase 1 of the business plan, and ship a prototype of phase 2.

At the end of the year we will evaluate the level of traction and decide how to proceed. If necessary, we will pivot, or Aven will become a side-project again as Eric finds other employment.

Rough "sprint" planning

These are the feature checkmarks we hope to reach, on rough two-week sprints:


  • Launch Aven Sky with basic social features.
  • Launch the insiders edition, allow people to vote.


November / December

  • Develop and launch an alpha of Aven Pro (phase 2)

Long Term

Eventually Aven will develop phase 3, which allows creators in the community to market their services to the enterprise.

The success will be determined by the traction that this project recieves in the community.

Aven will be around in the long term, at least in some capacity. If this mission can't survive as a startup, it will transition back to a side project.

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