Basic Setup

Make sure you have Docker, NodeJS 12 or 14, and Yarn.

To run Aven Sky (this site) we are going to:

1. Install Dependencies

First make sure you have Node.js LTS and Yarn installed. Then set up and run Docker.

2. Check out Repo

First set up SSH with GitHub, then you can check out with the following command:

git clone [email protected]:AvenCloud/sky.git

3. Install Packages

Go into your directory and run yarn to install all the dependencies.

cd sky

4. Run Development Server

Run the sky site with the command:

yarn dev

When the server starts, it will automatically set up your Postgres database in docker, then it will run a migration with Prisma migrate to make sure your database schema is up to date.

Note: Sometimes the Postgres server does not start fast enough and there is an error on the migration. If this happens, you can re-start the server and the database should be ready

> Ready on http://localhost:3001

Once you see this message, you are ready to open the app in your web browser at http://localhost:3001

5. Build for Production (optional)

To test the production build of the app, you can start by running the build:

yarn build

Now to run the server in the same way as we do in production:

yarn start

5. Full Configuration (optional)

To test the full-blown site on your computer, you will need credentials to SendGrid and Stripe.

If you want to send emails from your development environment, you can set up a SendGrid account and get an API key.

You can create a file for environment variables (secrets). This .env.development.local file will be ignored by git and will stay (secret) on your computer because it is listed in the .gitignore file.

We will use the .env file as a template for our new file:

DATABASE_URL='postgresql://user:[email protected]:5432/db'




You can also see there are empty variables for Stripe, and the billing features on the site will not work unless these are set.

The setup for secrets will be very similar in production. You will add your secrets to the .env.production.local file in the folder where your server is deployed.

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Open Source under Apache 2.0