Basic Setup

Make sure you have Docker, NodeJS 12 or 14, and Yarn.

To run Aven Sky (this site) we are going to:

git clone [email protected]:AvenCloud/sky.git
cd sky
yarn start

When the server starts in yarn start, it will automatically set up your Postgres database in docker, then it will run a migration with Prisma migrate to make sure your database schema is up to date.

Note: Sometimes the Postgres server does not start fast enough and there is an error on the migration. If this happens, you can re-start the server and the database should be ready

> Ready on http://localhost:3001

Once you see this message, you are ready to open the app in your web browser at http://localhost:3001

Full Site Setup

To test the full-blown site on your computer, you will need credentials to SendGrid and Stripe.

If any of these things are missing, we should fall back elegantly (although, this is a work in progress).